Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It: Old Toothbrushes

Most dentist recommend replacing your toothbrushes every three months. Well, multiply that by the six people in my family and you've got 24 toothbrushes going into the garbage each year. Is there another use? You betcha. Here are some ideas.

  • Dust your computer keyboard. Toothbrushes fit amazingly between the keys!
  • Touch up dye jobs. Your grays are showing? No worries. A toothbrush is just the right size to get your roots and along your hairline.
  • Clean mud out of the grooves in the bottom of your shoes. Both ends work good for this. The handle is a good digger and the brush gets the rest.
  • Clean around the sink drain. I do this all the time. The toothbrush is the perfect size to scrub the drain and the stopper and also the around the seal of the faucet and even around the toilet seat attachments.
  • A nail brush. Sometimes I like to work in the garden in my bare hands only to find I've got caked dirt under my nails. Toothbrush to the rescue. Works great on mechanics fingers too!
  • Clean your rings. Toothbrushes are a great way to get all those tiny spots around your settings.
  • Make a toothbrush bracelet. No kidding! Go here.
  • Clean your remote control. Honestly I rarely clean that thing but it gets touched constantly. Gross! Use a toothbrush to get around all those buttons.
  • Eyebrow brush! Sterilize first but this is the perfect size for eyebrows.
  • Scrub out a laundry stain. I use my homemade stain remover and a toothbrush to prep stained laundry for the wash.
For more WFMW ideas go HERE!


Alexia said...

That toothbrush bracelet is actually kinda cool - I never would have thought of it!

Thanks for all the tips - I always forget what what cleaning tools toothbrushes can be!

Mamaoftwins said...

Great ideas! Especially the bracelet. LOL Who would have known!

Kristin T. said...

I've missed reading your blog!! I had to hunt it down after my other PC crashed. Glad you're still your funny, amusing soul, and I'm still waiting on that book. Seriously, you'd write a best seller im your sleep girlie.

Anyway, I watched a recent episode of Rachael Ray and found out that if you keep your toothbrush near your toilet it has more germs on it THAN your toilet seat. Gross, right? Yep! I moved my toothbrush plus changed the container I keep it in. They say that when you flush, the stuff (you have boys, use your imagination) sprays up and the bacteria gets on there.

Are you doing the All You grocery challenge again, or did you? We'd never be able to stick to it but I'd love to see you win.

Jennifer said...

I used to make toothbrush bracelets all the time in Jr. high!

The girl with the golden quill said...

I have a "food" one and a "cleaning" one! I write on them with a sharpie to know which is which. I use the food one to help get off those clingy silks left over after husking an ear of corn. Works like a charm! I used the cleaning one today to get a spot out of the carpet, but I always use it to clean the corners and cracks in the shower.

If I have an extra new one (from the dentist usually), I give it to my daughter (14 months) to chew on when she's teething. It helps "cut" the gums a little bit and makes her happy! Then she is relaxed when I brush her teeth too! :)

Thanks for the great tips-

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

I put mine in the laundry room to scrub stains but never though of it to do the other stuff. I was thinking I'd use my old brush to brush my dog's teeth.