Monday, August 2, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

Having the kids off on vacations last week really put a nice cushion in my grocery budget. Not near as much got depleted so I came in under budget again this week. It's been a really good month. Next week three out of four of the kids will be gone again on their final grandparent vacation which means smaller budget, less cooking and some great one on one time with my youngest. Here's what I gathered this week...


Bagels, loaves of bread, rolls


Lettuce, spinach,


2 gallons milk $3.96
bacon $2.58
whole chicken $6.49
cheddar $4.48
Dish soap $.88
garbage bags $1.64
Bananas $1.57
Mayo $1.98
Enchilada sauce $1.78
Ground Beef $6.30
Apples $3.14
Deodorant $2.17
green beans $.58
Lotion $3.27
Freezer bags $.98

Grand Total $41.80

Would you like to tell us about your savings? Please link directly to your post not your homepage and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge. Follow the directions below with the attached Mcklinky.

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Mamaoftwins said...

Hi Gayle, Ive been following your advice and your shopping trips. Im REALLY enjoying Winco. I get all stary eyed in there. Im a dork I know. This is my second week and Im right on track ($120 for two weeks) Girlfriend, you are such a God sent! Ive been scouring your site and everytime I think Ive seen it all something else pops up.Im even going to try and start a garden. (all the plants are horrified. I kill everything) HA I noticed one post that you were going make a list of places in areas around the country to shop at. People were going to email you where they shop. I cant seem to find that post. Would you point me in that direction. Thanks :)