Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

If you live around here you probably got the coupons that Win-co sent out. Seriously...don't throw those away. They were pretty amazing deals on some pretty darn good stuff like 2 lbs of cheddar for $2.98 or bananas for $.18 a lb. It rocked. My only problem was not reading one of the sale prices correctly. Come to find out that I grabbed the wrong package of pork and ended up paying $2.69 per pound instead of $1.99. Dang. I didn't find out until I got home so I just decided to consider it an education in reading the fine print. So here's what I got this week.


12 bread items (loaves, english muffins, donut holes) $6.00


2 12 packs of Shasta Soda $1.96
Sirloin Chops $9.22
3lbs chicken breasts $3.98
3 boxes Kraft mac & cheese $1.14
3 Liters of apple juice $.98
Tortilla chips $1.48
12 double rolls of TP $2.98
green tea bags $2.33
2 lbs cheddar $2.98
3 spaghetti sauce $1.44
3 cans chili $1.44
4 cans veggies $1.12
9.2 lbs bananas $1.65
10 lbs potatoes $.78

Grand Total $39.48

How did your shopping go this week? If you'd like to share please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


maudie-mae said...

I found a cookbook for you (she says tongue-in-cheek) =) http://manybooks.net/titles/corsonj2841928419-8.html

Anonymous said...

10 bs of potatoes for .78? Wow...are you sure you won't head back later this week with just one dollar in your pocket to grab another bag? What a bargain--lucky you!


Anna said...

I've started following your blog after my husband lost his job. He'll be going to school for at least 6-9 months to get a technical school degree in IT. So, I've been trying to look for good deals.

I bought the stuff on the WinCo ad too. I didn't buy too many bananas, because although the kids eat them, we can't have too many around or they go bad. Then I saw your bananas and asked my husband if you can freeze bananas. He said yes, so I said, pick up a whole bunch on your way home from school. At this price, I've freeze them for banana nut bread and muffins and other recipes.

Anonymous said...

Wow! you get a Wnco ad? Ours says they do not give out any ads as their prices are always low so no need for an ad. With or without an ad I shop there when I can but an ad would help me locate the best bargains. Sarah