Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

The first week of the month is always a stretch for us. Seems our budget is squeaking by the time I get to the end, and last month had all sorts of surprise expenses that used up our excess funds. Things like an upstairs toilet overflowing and leaking in the middle of the night through the ceiling of the basement bathroom. Oh, and the branch that fell off a giant tree and poked a small hole through our roof that leaked onto the living room couch. You stuff like that. So this week the grocery budget was super tight. Fortunately a new Super Wal-Mart just had a grand opening in our town which sent our local Win-co into such a panic that they sent out an incredible coupon flyer. So I basically bought as many of the coupon items as it would allow and I'm just going to go plan-less this week while I get creative with their pretty decent deals. So check in later to see what I got. Should be an interesting week.

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Jackie said...

Ouch....when it rains it pours. Don't we all know how that goes? Praying things will look up once again for you. :)

PS I miss having a Winco nearby and those lovely fliers.