Monday, November 29, 2010

GCC Shopping Round-Up

So the plan was to not spend so much since we're still working on using up leftovers. But sometimes things don't quite work out the way you think. I did happen to find an amazing deal on cottage cheese. I normal 16 oz tub is around $1 but I managed to get 32 oz for $2 by doing a little on the spot mental math. I got the cottage cheese in small serving containers instead of one big tub but since it was for a recipe it all ended up in the same place.

Here's what I got.

Grocery Outlet

2 4-packs (32 oz) cottage cheese $1
3 cans biscuits for $1
2 chicken hot dogs $1.58
Giant tub of hot chocolate mix $4.99
provolone cheese $1.99


10 lbs flour $3.08
TP $5.98
2 gallons milk $3.94
bulk almonds $2.79
oranges $1.60
2 avocado $1.36
tomatoes $1.28
2 boxes margarine $1.14
2 tubs yogurt $3.36
soy sauce $1.15
celery $1.20
apples $2.41
frozen peaches $1.68
frozen mixed berries $1.88
bulk salt $.12
2 lbs cheddar $4.49
bananas $1.58
top ramen $3.36
2 italian bread $2.96
2 bags buns $1.86
hairspray $1.18

*I'm having a heckuva time getting my pictures uploaded. I'll try again later so you can see my loot.

Grand Total $58.96

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