Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GCC Shopping Round-Up

The deals on baking supplies are starting thanks to the holidays. It's a great time to find REAL butter on sale and stash it away in the freezer. Butter can be frozen up to 8 months without any change in texture. Just thaw it in your fridge for a few days before you need to use it. I bought my limit today at Win-co.


2 vanilla soymilk $2.56
4 boxes of butter $7.92
ground beef $3.53
hot dog buns $.93
onion buns $1.98
hot dogs $.68
29 oz tomato sauce $1.05
3.18 lbs apples $2.48
2 bags chocolate chips $3.80
bulk quick oats $.62
shredded mozzarella $6.54
cottage cheese $5.88
brown sugar $1.36
Parmesan $1.86
5 lbs bananas $2.35
Artificial Sweetener $1.64
BBQ sauce $1.24
tomato paste $.40
5 dozen eggs $6.40
large margarine $1.98
tomato soup $.50
2 gallons milk $3.96
tomatoes $2.11
chocolate syrup $3.58

Grand Total $65.35

Would you like to share what it takes to feed your family or the great deals you found? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


sara said...

Just found your blog-adding it to my blog roll :)
We're a family of five with a $60 a week grocery budget. I'm in the process of switching us to organic as well.

Sandy(a.k.a.Grannie) said...

Yes, love it when they put the baking items on sale. One year I got real butter for such a very low price--think it was close to the expiration date like a $1.00#--that I bought a "ton" of it and canned it. It changed the texture somewhat, but I knew that I would just use it in baking/cooking so it wasn't a problem for me. It was great when I mixed my large batches of hot fudge sauce for Christmas gifts. It was impossible to tell the difference.

Susan said...

so jealous of the under $2 butter...i've been waiting for quite a while to see that in my corner of PA....we still haven't hit it.

Geneva said...

You're so lucky to have butter on sale! Where we are, the butter is $3+. I thought I had found a good deal when it was $2.50. You found it for less than $2, I'm so jealous!