Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GCC Shopping Round-Up

I survived the crazy rush at the grocery store yesterday with my sanity intact. I took back-up though and brought my husband along. Here's what we got.


2 bags chocolate chips $3.80
Bulk almonds $5.08
2 soy milk $2.56
vegetable juice $2.06
4 boxes butter $7.92
whipping cream $2.85
TP $5.98
2 gallons milk $3.96
3 cans green beans $1.68
2 cans black olives $1.90
apples $2.18
Tabasco $1.49
bananas $2.10
green olives $1.98
pickled okra $3.39
strawberry topping $1.98
2 powdered sugar $1.96
10 lbs potatoes $1.97
Ham that must have a golden bone in the middle $23.10n (not pictured)

Grand Total $77.94

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1 comment:

~Lori~ said...

The cheapest ham I saw at one grocery store today was $32! No thank you!! Had hubby stop at a different one on the way home and luckily he found one for $12! MUCH BETTER!