Monday, December 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is it....Christmas Week. The countdown begins at our house for the first of three Christmas celebrations. Because of all the cooking involved and massive amount of food that my fridge has to hold, we'll spend the first part of the week eating from the freezer and using up whatever is in the fridge. Time to clean out all those saved leftovers and make room for more! It also allows me a little break before I have to shift in to high cooking gear. We have Christmas on my husbands side where I"ll be bringing an appetizer and dessert. Next is Christmas eve with just us and the kids. It's tradition around here to NOT cook, just order takeout and stay in our new Christmas jammies all day. And Christmas day is a big feast at our house. So here's what's cooking this week.


From the freezer: Pancakes, muffins and using up any saved berries for smoothies


Italian sausage and lentil soup & italian bread (all from the freezer)
Thanksgiving Memories Casserole (freezer: turkey meat and broth)
Spaghetti and Broccoli
Party: Deviled Eggs and Chocolate Torte with Strawberry sauce and whipped cream
Pizza Night
Christmas: Ham and all the trimmings.
Ultimate Leftover Buffet

check back tomorrow to see how the shopping trip went. I'm dreading the Christmas grocery crowds.


StaceyN said...

Yeah, those Christmas crowds are a real stinker! Our Winco is open 24 hours a day, and there is NEVER a crowd super early in the morning or late at night. But if you shop Winco late at night, look out for 18-year-old employees driving fork lifts like they're in the Indy 500! They will run. you. down. Seriously, it's totally worth losing a little sleep either in the AM or PM to beat those crowds, though.

I'm 6 months preggo and have a toddler (and two big boys), so my dear fam is not asking me to bring ANYTHING to Christmas dinner except some steaks from the freezer and our appetites. I think I'll make sure and be pregnant EVERY Christmas LOL!

grace said...

Gayle, Sounds like a great week for you and new Jammies sound like a nice tradition for me to start. Have a wonderful holdiday Grace

Cookingmama said...

Tips on how to make pancakes and waffles taste good when freezing the leftovers? I made a bunch these past few days and they never seem to reheat well. I end up throwing them away because no one likes the leftover ones. I use my toaster oven, but no success yet.