Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GCC Shopping Round-Up

Since I've got a fridge and freezer full of leftovers and frozen stuff that needs to be used up I just did a light shop this week. I thought I'd stop by a local Safeway while I was out and about since I only had a few things to get and it was close by. 5 dozen eggs were nearly $11 and two gallons of milk were on "sale" for $4.35. Hello?!? I skedaddled out of there and went straight back to Winco. This is what I got.

cream of chicken soup $.83
milk $1.98
bulk baking powder $1.37
Generic Bisquick $1.98
brown sugar $1.36
cotton swabs $.98
2 cranberry sauce $2.16
10 lb potatoes $1.98
bulk powdered milk $.92
apples $1.60
bananas $1.89
sugar substitute $1.80
vegetable oil $1.99
5 dozen large eggs $6.40

Grand Total $27.24

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1 comment:

Hope said...

I've always been curious on what you do with the amount of eggs every week. I know you bake a lot, but can you share some of your favorite egg recipes too? Thanks, Hope