Monday, December 27, 2010

Win a $25 Gift Card

So, you all know I'm not real experienced at this coupon thing. There's so much fine print and I'm a little bit worried that by the time I've found the right size and the right item, that when I get to the checkout I'm going to be one of those people that reads the coupon wrong and holds the line up for an hour while everyone glares at her. But when Blogher and Proctor and Gamble contacted me offering me a gift card to shop at my local Kroger store (which happens to be Fred Myer) I jumped at the chance to try. P @ G is running this new promotion where you buy 4 of their items and get $4 back so I figured this would be a great chance to ALSO grab a Sunday paper because P & G had a new sale flier out with lots of buy one, get one free coupons. See how my frugal mind works? I'm thinking I'm going to make that gift card stretch and get the few (I'm normally a generic kind of girl) brand name things that I love to use. So with flier and gift card in hand I set out to save some money. I got Tide ($1 off coupon), 2 Pantene conditioners (save $3 on two), Aussie conditioner and hairspray (BOGO Free) Cascade ($.25 off) and Crest 4D toothpaste ($.75 off) for $27.09.

Seasoned couponers, please have mercy. I'm well aware of the fact that you would have figured out a way to get all that stuff and have them pay you to take it out of the store.

So I'm waiting for my magical buy four, get $4 back thing to kick in at check-out but when I'm looking at the receipt all I see are my coupon deductions. "Maybe it comes in the mail?" I think as I'm driving away. But then how in the world would they know to send it to me. (Doesn't this scream newbie?) So I drive home and re-read the promo. Guess what! You have to have the Grocery Store's Rewards Card....which I don't.....but I do now. So I didn't actually get the $4 back but I know you could SERIOUSLY do a better job of that than I could.

So my challenge to you is this....

Go down to your local Kroger store and I give you full permission to kick my butt and then come back and gloat about it. Use those coupons from the Sunday paper and then get your $4 back and "neener, neener" me.

And while you're at it, go HERE and you can be one of 25 people who will win a $25 gift card to your local Kroger store.

On your mark, get set, GO!


Melissa Stover said...

i'm glad you posted about this because i wondered the same thing. where do those $4 go? i think i have a very old, crumbling rewards card. it goes on your card for future use? i guess i still don't get it.

Kindra Lehner said...

Don't worry gets easier! You learn to pay attention to the small print without even realizing it. :)
~Seasoned couponer

Gayle said...
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Gayle said...


Now I know who to go to for questions. I kept thinking, "Who can I call and ask because I know someone else could do this better!"

cooking like a frugalite said...

Actually, what happens is that $4 automatically comes off of your total at checkout. So, basically, you deduct $1 off of the price of each item.

Gayle said...

Thanks Frugalite for clearing that up!

Sandy(a.k.a.Grannie) said...

I get the cards, but I don't use them because I don't like carrying them around with me; I just use my telephone number instead--that way all the ID's are the same; don't have to think about it.

Kroger/Dillions/Fred Meyer are all the same "company." You can get on their preferred customer list where they send you their own coupons plus manufacturers' coupons that can be used together on an item--sometimes you even get free items. This company also gives you money off at their gas stations depending on how many fuel points you accumulate each month. Basically, I only shop specials/sale items at a number of stores, but they all are within a 5 mile area.

I like making couponing a game of sorts; but I don't purchase items that I don't use even if they are a good price unless I know of someone who uses it if it winds up being free.

Happy New Year, Gayle; I really enjoy your site.

Unknown said...

I scored 8 P&G Items for $1.18 after coupons and sale

2 Oral B toothbrushes (free after coupons)
1 Secret deodorant (free after coupon)
1 Gillette mens body wash w/ bonus free deodorant ($1 after coupon)
2 small Old Spice deodorants (.18 total after coupon)
1 Glide dental floss (free after coupon)
1 Crest sensitive toothpaste (free after coupon)

NeedANap2 said...

Also you need to add the e-coupons at the Kroger website to save even more. You should be able to use a paper coupon in the store and the e-coupon should come off automatically. It does get easier! :)