Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I shopped a little bit later than expected which is why this is getting up so late. Sorry about that if you've been waiting to link up. So, I went into this shopping trip knowing it was going to be more since it's Superbowl Sunday and we'll be eating lots of goodies. But seriously. A box of crackers for $3.50? Wow. My husband also has pneumonia so we've been doing lots of fresh juices to boost his immune system and fight off bacteria along with the antibiotics that he's on. You'll see a larger and more assorted variety of veggies than normal. Chalk that up to "cheaper than another doctor visit". Here's what I got.


5 dozen eggs $6.75
milk $1.98
sugar $1.99
Flour $3.08
jicama $1.21
3lbs Bulk Spaghetti $2.01
Broccoli $2.05
2 bags Frito's $4.96
2 boxes wheat thins $7.00
2 smoked sausage $3.36
coffee creamer $2.48
Cottage cheese $1.78
Teriyaki sauce $1.22
soy sauce $1.98
4 cream cheese $5.00
Envelope chicken gravy $.38
turnips $1.73
envelope ranch dip $.40
envelope Italian salad dressing $1.27
bacon pieces $2.13
cream of chicken soup $.83
2 vegetarian chili $1.76
2lbs cheddar $4.49
2lbs Monterrey jack $5.39
10lbs carrots $4.48
beets $2.98
celery $1.30
bulk walnuts $5.21
2 cucumbers $.96
radishes $1.36
Roma tomatoes $1.83
apples $2.13
bananas $2.25
15lbs potatoes $2.78


4 loaves of bread $2.00
2 loaves of raisin bread $1.00
2 bags of bagels $1.00
2 boxes of donuts $1.00

Grand Total $95.51


Frugal Family said...

Crackers are very expensive here too! We usually buy at our local grocery outlet or buy the "off brand" - but even off brand can be high as well. Being sick always puts our grocery budget over as well!

Anonymous said...

Gayle: I though I would pass along some info about homemade crackers. On the blog kimberlys-cup she has a cracker recipe that is easy and really good. They taste like cheese its.
Kim in Az.

Lori said...

Just wondering...what do you do with your jicama?