Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

Boy oh boy did I need to shop today. I skipped last week, ended up getting snowed in for several days and looked forward to stocking up today in between doctors appointments and drivers ed classes and homeschooling. My head is still spinning from today. But I did manage to get some groceries. I'm also trying a new vegetable. Squash makes us gag around here but my friend made it sound so good that I thought I'd try some butternut this week. My fingers are crossed. And is it just me or are prices REALLY climbing? Sheesh!


Flour $3.10
Sugar $2.18
bleach $.99
yogurt $1.88
Mayo $1.89
stir fry veggies $1.38
soy sauce $1.79
celery $1.94
frozen peas $.78
2 gallons milk $4.36
sour cream $1.18
guacamole $3.98
butternut squash $3.71
green onions $.78
bananas $1.55
2 cans mushrooms $.96
green chilies $1.45
brown sugar $1.36
Cheddar $4.48
vanilla $1.24
cilantro $.58
onions $.85
5 dozen eggs $6.59
margarine $1.68
2 cans white beans $1.28

Grand Total $ 51.96

Would you like to tell us what it takes to feed your family? Post your own shopping trip on your blog and then link back up here. Please make sure to link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Anonymous said...

They just said in the news yesterday that in France, staple products like flour, pastas,coffee, meat also, ect will rise up to 25% !!!

Emilee said...

I roast my butternut squash in the oven with sweet potato chunks. They are super good, even my picky eaters devour them.

sara said...

prices are definitely going up-it's been on the news quite a bit (even Dave Ramsey was talking about it on his radio show last night!).

Spendwisemom said...

I use butternut squash in pumpkin recipes like muffins, bread, etc. and my family cannot tell the difference. I actually like the taste a little bit better than the pumpkin.

amanda said...

Did I miss the Linky? My shopping this week: http://abczoohome.com/2011/03/taks-day-shopping/