Monday, April 11, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

My hand mixer quit on me a few weeks ago, no thanks to my over eager kitchen helpers who burnt out the motor. It was about time though since it was a wedding present over 16 years ago. So we've all been building muscles (in only one arm) as we stir things up the old fashioned way. I draw the line at whipping cream with a whisk though. The new method has put quite a halt to the constant baking that goes on in this house. No longer will I proclaim that I'm on a diet, only to be greeted by fresh cookies and cake baked by my skinny daughter who doesn't understand the consequences of their temptation....yet. In the meantime I've been dreaming of this baby.
It's a's my favorite color...and it's nearly $300. I want it in a bad, bad way. In a way that only my sore right arm can understand. But I'm committed to this cash only lifestyle. I refuse to be enslaved by credit card debt ever again. So I'm socking away a few bucks each paycheck hoping that soon (maybe in a year due to kids spontaneous needs and my own splurge-on-myself guilt) that work of kitchen art will be gracing the baby blue 70's counter tops in my kitchen. In the meantime you might not want to shake my right hand. I haven't quite adjusted to my new muscles yet and I could easily toss you over my shoulder and only stop to wonder what the breeze was.

Oh yeah....the shopping trip.

2 gallons milk $4.56
dish soap $.88
tater tots $1.97
frozen peas $1.88
2 smoked sausage $2.76
taco shells $1.13
ground beef $11.07
2 cans pineapple $1.76
tomato sauce $.48
apricot preserves $1.64
deodorant $2.68
bulk macaroni $2.24
butter $2.78
whipping cream $2.86
10 lbs carrots $4.48
BBQ sauce $.98
Cheddar $4.48
grapes $3.08
kale $2.76
celery $1.74
6 lbs apples $4.96
bulk pecan pieces $5.73
onion buns $2.10

Grand Total $69.00

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Jackie said...

You are too funny. Stand mixers are nice to have. Before you buy, you may want to consider Costco, as they usually have a better price and offer additional extras too. Best of luck as you save. :)

Moriah said...

Oooo, I LOVE my mixer so much! My mom once said that a Kitchenaid mixer is the Ferrari of the kitchen. I cannot agree more, and I hope you get yours soon. Just to let you know, you can get an awesome deal at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Just use a 20% off coupon (either received in the mail or sign up for emails and get one), then if you buy one NOW you can get a mail in rebate for either $30 or $40 (depending on the model). All in all, we bought one for a wedding present for $210!!!
Good Luck!

momma-lana said...

I got my Kitchen Aid that same way back in 2000. I have never regretted it! I saved leftover grocery money but that probably is not an option with the way prices are going up!

Annie said...

Since it sounds like you're planning on putting off the KitchenAid purchase for a while, know that they do go on sale in Nov/Dec. When we moved back to the States in summer 2007 I sold mine, and by was desperately wanting one . Turns out that on Black Friday, it was on sale at Kohls for about $150 - with another $50 in rebates. I wound up with a $250 mixer for just over $100. A super deal made sweeter by the fact that I brought all of the attachments back with me. Good luck with the wisk - and change arms once in a while!


I just got a new kitchen aid (for Christmas) and LOVE IT! My old one went too after about 12+ years!

But check your local Kohl's. It was $399 - plus I waited for the 30% off coupon, then they had a $50 rebate. so my grand total was $229.30 (and then they had the $10 bucks for every $50 spent), so I got an additional $40 in cash bucks to purchase other things at Kohl's. So all in all... it was a STEAL for $189.... AMAZING!

And I waited and waited and waited... until I knew I had a 30% off.... and all the other goodies!

good Luck!

Carrie said...

I LOVE my Kitchen Aid!! I have had it for many years and love it more now (probably because of the 4 kids) than when I first got it. I use it almost everyday! It will be so worth the saved pennies!!

Anonymous said...

or check on craigslist! I found mine brand new for $140

LB said...

I've had my Kitchenaid mixer just over a year. I LOVE it. I got mine at Kohls on sale, with a 30% coupon on top of it. Then got Kohls cash (bought Christmas gifts with it) and a rebate from Kitchenaid. I think I paid 50% of the original price with all that. I got the Pro 600 series one because of the more powerful motor since I was going to use it to knead bread, make applesauce etc. I love their attachments that go with it too.
Well worth the investment in my opinion.

Christine said...

Jackie mentioned Costco, let me tell you why she is right. Not only do you get a good price for a better mixer and the extras it comes with, if something happens to it, you can return it. I had my first mixer (which I bought at Costco) for 2 1/2 years when the motor started to die. I was so upset thinking I spent so much on a mixer for that to happen. Some told me that I would be able to take it to Costco and return it for a new one... NO QUESTIONS ASKED!! I did and it worked. They didn't have one issue with me returning it after that much time. That is the benefit of a Costco membership and to me made their price even better. I could have gotten a cheaper/less expensive one somewhere else, but I am so glad I didn't.

Anonymous said...

I found a kitchen aid stand mixer at a garage sale for $10.00 last year. It has the two size mixing bowls and the dough hooks!! It proudly sits on my counter top!

Frugal MommaB said...

Keep saving those pennies from your grocery budget! I'm in love with my kitchen aid. It makes the best whipped mashed potatoes :)

Anonymous said...

I have a Bosch Compact Mixer. It was cheaper than the Kitchen Aid and it is really light weight but has a super strong motor. I use it almost every day and bake A LOT. That is if you aren't totally set on the Kitchen Aid.