Tuesday, May 10, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I had a few coupons this week for coconut and almond milk. My husband can't have cows milk and we usually use soy as a substitute. But lately I've been reading that soy might not be so great for us so I've been trying to replace it with the others. Coconut milk is crazy expensive but the chocolate almond? Not so bad. So those coupons came in mighty handy. And the price of cheese....sheesh. It went up a buck fifty from two weeks ago. I about had a coronary in the aisle. Seriously. People were staring at my outburst. (sigh) Here's what I got...

Fred Meyer

Coconut milk w/ coupon $3.24
Chocolate almond milk with coupon $1.99


TP $5.48
Yogurt $2.44
hot cocoa $2.25
Ketchup $2.44
BBQ sauce $.98
chocolate syrup $3.91
soy sauce $1.78
Parmesan $1.66
frozen veggies $1.52
3 lbs Bulk chocolate chips $6.23
kale $1.38
bulk egg noodles $1.07
2 lb cheddar $6.55
10 lb carrots $4.48
brown sugar $1.29
bananas $1.28
bulk seasoning salt $1.66
2 celery $2.84
2 cucumbers $.96
5lbs apples $2.58
spinach $.98
2 lbs strawberries $3.96
5 dozen eggs $6.45
6 lemons $1.68
broccoli $1.43

Grand Total $72.51

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Frugal MommaB said...

You are inspiring to read. I'm trying to keep my weekly budget under $100.

Melissa @ The Simple Spirit said...

You can also make your own almond milk from almonds! Much cheaper. :) Google it and there are a lot of recipes.

Ashley said...

Fred meyers has 2 lbs blocks of tillamook cheese on sale for 3.99 with in ad coupon. the limit is 1 but I went back threw twice.

Ashley said...

Fred meyers has 2lbs blocks of tillamook cheese on sale for 3.99 with in ad coupon this week.

Sandy (aka Grannie) said...

I was wondering if the price of apples in Washington is always this reasonable? My grocery store told me that all prices are going up because of gas prices.....for what it's worth........
Thanks for your posts; always find them helpful......Blessings, Sandy(aka Grannie)

Anonymous said...

FYI, Tillamook cheese is on sale at Fred Meyer this week for $3.99.