Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I planned my meals around what was in my cupboards this week so I really didn't need a whole lot in the way of groceries. My veggie and fruit bins were still pretty full and when I took stock I had lots of beans, rice, and leftover meats in the freezer to form some meals around. I knew it was going to be tight the next few weeks because we are saving for the down payment on two sets of braces for the older kids. We met our goal....in cash! So the braces are going on in June. Here's what my chauffeur (my kid in Drivers Ed) and I got today.


4 loaves of bread $3.52
milk $2.36
4 cans tuna $1.92
spaghetti sauce $.98
liquid dish soap $.88
tortillas $1.94
hair gel $1.34
margarine $.89
cottage cheese $1.78
sweetened condensed milk $1.33
2 cream of mushroom $1.00
dishwasher detergent $2.27
bananas $1.43
cheddar $4.49
tomatoes $1.43
bulk cumin $.60
bulk baking cocoa $2.09
bulk pasta $.85
whole chicken $5.73
mozzarella $2.48
Parmesan $1.86
2 boxes pasta salad mix $1.96
olives $.98
shampoo $.97

Grand Total $45.08

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Pounds 4 Pennies said...

Great Job. I am striving to make this work on $50.00 a week. It has been a real challenge. I am usually over by about $10.00 every week. But I keep trying. You inspire me. Thanks.

momma-lana said...

Make that dishwasher detergent last for months by only using one teaspoon per load! We have been experiminting with that and it cleans every bit as well as filling up the cups. I put the soap only in the main wash cup. We can tell no difference.

Anonymous said...

You might want to take a visit to Fred Meyers. Our local (Longview) Freddies has become extremely competitive with Winco and Walmart. I don't even venture to Walmart anymore. They just don't keep the shelves stocked and are greatly overpriced. Last few weeks when cheese was over $7.00 at Winco. Freddies had it for $4.48. Medium chedder.