Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

Good news! I was able to NOT LOSE my receipt this week! I've decided it's time to clean out my purse. I'm losing all kinds of things in there. I also found out when I got home that I computed my cheese needs all wrong this week. We had an amazing fondue night but it seems I got 2 more packs of cheese than I needed. Note to self: Put calculator inside the Bermuda Triangle purse in hopes you'll be able to find it when you need it. Urgh!

Here's what we got.


2 V-8 w/coupon $3.96
boneless pork chops $8.19
2 suddenly salad w/coupon $1.46
canned pineapple $.98
Whipped Topping $1.48
Soy sauce $1.78
Creamy Caesar dressing $1.91
3 pkgs Gruyere cheese $8.79
Chicken breasts $9.98
ketchup $2.44
Fels Naptha Bar $1.06
Parmesan $1.86
dried pineapple $1.50
thick sliced bacon $6.18
butter $2.98
fresh pineapple $3.68
2 pkgs mushrooms $3.76
yellow onions $.80
dried apricots $3.11
bananas $1.29
cheddar $4.49
2 cream cheese $2.66
mini onions $2.38
cherry tomatoes $2.68

Grand Total $79.40

Would you like to tell us about your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

great job Gayle!!

Pounds4Pennies said...

Looks like you may need to get some easy freezer meals for those crazy nights when everyone is not at home. Good luck. I am looking for some easy snacks and things.