Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sneaking Off For Some Mom Time

It's Wednesday morning and I still haven't done my grocery shop for the week. I'll get there at some point. So if you're waiting for the Round-up, It's coming. I'm going to have to shop soon.

This week I have a little tip for you. I find that as a mom, I have a hard time getting away from all the work and the constant need-filling to have some time just to myself. I can never truly relax at home because I know that at any minute someone is going to come bounding through whatever closed door I'm behind to ask a question or need me to be the judge in some important dispute over who got to the use the computer last. A few weeks ago I realized I had already created a remedy for my severe lack of down time and hadn't even realized it.

Whenever I have an appointment like coffee with a friend, doctor visits, hair cuts, work stuff....I always make sure I arrive 15-30 minutes early with book in hand. Then I have that much time to sit in a quiet lobby and read without anyone bugging me. I completely relax, absorb myself in one of my favorite pastimes (reading) and sip a coffee or tea in a place that has been cleaned by someone else and I can guarantee has no dust bunnies or little toys shoved under the couch. It's something I gladly look forward to when booking an appointment and keeps me sane so I can go back and save the world at home.

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Anonymous said...


I subconsciously did this for years and it did not even occur to me this is what I was doing.
Everyone was always teasing me about my need to be so early.

In my case too it gave me a chance to read the latest magazine at the doctor's office which I never could do at home, since I never bought the magazines I loved to read due to being so frugal.

It's funny how we Mom's are the only ones who can save the world.
My poor family can't eat without me.
Even when I make them meals ahead and a menu and instructions they still can't eat when I am not there I have had to go away on several trips and they are so relieved when I get home because they can't eat when I am gone. LOL

Annie said...

What a wonderful realization and idea. I always carry a book with me, but I can never seem to get places that early.