Thursday, July 21, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I finally made it to the grocery store yesterday after the braces were on and I had two kids in tow that had to stop at every reflective surface to see what their new metal smiles looked like. Here's what we got...


4 loaves of bread $3.80
2 bags hamburger buns $.96
2 bags tater tots $2.68
brown sugar $1.42
mozzarella $5.04
2 bunches of kale $2.56
large ground beef $9.11
2 spaghetti sauce $1.96
sugar $2.29
bulk sunflower seeds $.41
bulk penne pasta $1.36
garlic $.48
red onion $.43
bulk tortellini $6.80
bulk raisins $.52
margarine $.74
bacon pieces $2.49
2 bags celery $2.11
dish soap $.88
2 mango $1.56
cottage cheese $1.48
6 lemons $2.28

Grand Total $51.36

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Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

What an awesome haul! You are amazing :D

Anonymous said...

My two oldest grand children got their braces put on a month or so ago. When ever new spacers are placed on the braces they get a different color. Right now Lance has green teeth and Sabrina has red. It tickles them so much to smile and freak me out with the colors..Who knew braces could be fun?

Roxie in Texas