Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

Oh what a busy week! I just managed to squeak in a visit to the grocery store tonight while waiting to pick up one of the kids. (See how dark it is outside my windows?) Here's what I got.


TP $6.68
milk $2.48
tortilla chips $2.16
hamburger buns $.88
salad dressing (my fav) $2.78
BBQ sauce $.98
Heath Toffee Bits $2.36
ranch dip mix $.42
pineapple juice $1.98
rotel $1.19
powdered sugar $.96
canned beans $.68
fels naptha (laundry soap) $.97
pinto beans $.66
taco seasoning mix $.44
cottage cheese $1.58
bulk pasta $1.39
green apples $1.74
red apples $2.25
margarine $.88
canned corn $.65
spaghetti sauce $.78
diced tomatoes $.61
cream cheese $1.28
mozzarella $3.28

Grand Total $40.06

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