Wednesday, September 21, 2011

War on Germs Makes Cents

Summer is over, the doors and windows that usher in all that fresh air are shut and the whole family is closed in the house for the next several months. While I love all the coziness that the next seasons bring, it’s also a breeding ground for germs and winter illnesses. But there are some things you can do to make sure that the sick-fairy doesn’t visit your house. Along with vitamins and other immune builders you can kill all those germs that get carried in through dirty hands, shoes and sneezes with just a few cents and some homemade concoctions. So it’s time to build up your germ fighting arsenal and plan for a winter with fewer illnesses and much more cuddling around the fireplace. Here are a few recipes to get you started.

Homemade Disinfectant

2 teaspoons borax

4 tablespoons white vinegar

10 drops of essential oil (tea tree, pine, eucalyptus or thyme)

Hot water

In a clean spray bottle mix borax, vinegar and 3 cups hot water. Add 10 drops of essential oil and use on counter tops, door and cupboard knobs, and toilet handles. Make sure to label your bottle clearly.

Lavender Antibacterial Spray

1 cup water
20 drops pure essential oil of lavender

Pour the water into a spray bottle. Add the lavender essential oil and shake to blend. Spray on the surface and let set for at least 15 minutes, or don’t rinse at all. Great on cutting boards, bathroom surfaces and other places where bacteria might grow.

Homemade Air Freshener Ideas

A closed up house can get stuffy and stale. Try these ideas to freshen it up!

  • Place a few drops of your favorite pure essential oil on the inside tube of a roll of toilet paper. Every time it is turned, it will let off the scent.
  • Add 4-5 drops essential oil of choice to 1/2 cup water. Pour into spray bottle and mist area.
  • In the kitchen bring a small pot of water to boil with some of your favorite spices in it.


momma-lana said...

My natural health practitioner recommends spraying diluted lavender on your shirt near your face to protect against flu germs. Also 5000 mg vit D3 daily. The lavender can be sprayed on a babies blanket to protect the baby from germs. Illness is already rampant in the southeast. My college kids have been sick already.

Salsa Mama said...

I will be trying these recipes! It's funny though, where I live (AZ) we are about to enter the time of year that we can open our doors and let the fresh air in! All summer long the doors stay closed up tight to keep the cool air in!! :)

Roxie700 said...

I made a small sink full of your home made disinfectant this morning. I used it to wash down the counter tops and mattress pads in my small home day care. Oh my how wonderful things smell in here this morning. I will be using this everyday and trying different essential oils. This morning I used just 6 drops of eucalyptus. It is amazing to me. Better than any candle or plug in I have ever used to get some of the smells out of here. Thanks for posting this recipe.