Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

It's the end of the month for us so I just got a few things at the store to tide us over before payday next week. When I inventoried what I had I came up with plenty of fruits and veggies, some breads in the freezer and lots of pasta and beans in the cupboard along with the Christmas ham bone. Seems like I needed less food and more toiletries than anything else. The cost of toilet paper is killing me and I jokingly told the kids, "No more wiping this week." I was only half kidding.


Kitchen Garbage Bags $6.35
2 bags frozen french fries $1.96
Dishwasher detergent $3.60
TP $6.68
dish soap $.88
conditioner $3.78
3.5 lbs ground beef $8.98
cheddar cheese $5.96
2 bags buns $1.98
2 packs hot dogs $1.28
2 deodorants $3.46
frozen orange juice $1.12
ketchup $2.44
mayo $2.17
soap $2.77
shampoo $.98
bulk breakfast sausage $5.98
2 toothpaste 1.78

Grand Total $62.15

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{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

great job! we just got our dishwasher hooked up here and have been using baking soda and LOVE it! no more chemical residue and keeps the dishwasher smelling clean too ;o)

Roxie700 said...

I wish we had your store in our area. The least expensive buns in our area is in the Walmart and their buns go for $1.28 a package. I have started making my own buns because of the expense.
One thing I can tell you though is the best place for toilet paper is the Sam's Club. Pom brand. I use this for my family and it is a good product and very affordable.

Anonymous said...

You probably have written about this question before, but why do you not do the Drugstore Game to save money on personal items? Just curious, and Happy New Year.

Heather near Atlanta

karen said...

If you trade your Swagbucks for Amazon credit, you can get toilet paper off of Amazon. I did this last month--we had no money, and we needed TP. 12 rolls of free-to-me toilet paper. I get diapers and wipes and some food items off of Amazon using Swagbuck credit as well.

Peggy said...

The non-eatables/taxable items are what is killing my budget.I am able to shop for food still fairly reasonablely. we have a deep freeze and so I shop sales.we also have in years past bought a side of beef which really helps strech our food budget.Thanks for your tips.
Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

I suggest switching to cloth toilet paper. We use cloth for almost everything in our house (Diapers, baby wipes, "paper" towels, cloth pads for moi, napkins) but I'd always been a little "eh" on the wipes subject. Plus I didn't think my husband would like the idea. Finally I asked him and he said he knew it was coming eventually and actually he liked the idea of something more solid on his hand than flimsy paper! Haha! I got 3 doezn (PLENTY!) off Etsy for $21 shipped. Going to wipe my booty for free from now on!

And I second the baking soda in the dishwasher. I do a baking soda/lemonade mix, and vinegar in the "spot free" area. Works like a charm and no build up!

affording4 said...

Great job at keeping your bill low!

Teresa said...

I was also going to suggest cloth TP or "family cloth." This was easy for us to switch to since we already use cloth diapers and see how clean they get. I didn't buy wipes. I just cut up some t-shirts into approximately 8 x8 inch squares. They do not fray. The clean ones go in a basket next to the toilet and the used ones go in the diaper bucket that is in the bathroom, though you could designate any container. I wash them on hot with towels and diapers and put them back in the basket. Even if you only use this for pee, it is a huge savings.