Monday, January 23, 2012

GCC Shopping Round Up

I tried to offset last weeks budget blow-up with a slim and creative week this week. I built my menu around meat already in the freezer, fruits and veggies I already had and just got the minimum we'd need to feed us healthy meals for a week. Here's what I got.

Fred Meyer's

Family Size Pork chops marked down to $11.02


Worcestershire sauce $1.10
Soy sauce $1.93
Milk $2.53
Almond Milk $3.24
Matches $1.27
french fries $3.13
4 loaves of bread $6.32
2 cans sweetened condensed milk $2.36
bananas $1.72
hamburger buns $.99
bulk cinnamon $.31
bulk macaroni $1.32
shredded sharp cheddar $2.58
cheese soup $1.25
apples $2.85
Ground Turkey $3.46

Grand Total $57.13

Would you like to tell us about your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge in your own post. The purpose of this link up is to help others who are trying to live off a budget. It helps so much to see what others are doing to make ends meet.


Mrs. Rogers said...

You always do such a wonderful job with your budget shopping - Thanks for the linky!

Nothing shocks me anymore... said...

You buy Sweetened condensed milk alot! What do you do with it? I have a few cans but I hardly ever use that or evap milk.. Which I also have a few cans of! lol

Gayle said...

That's my solution to NOT buying Starbucks. I make a whole pot of coffee and put it in a pitcher with one can of sweetened condensed milk. Then I keep it in the fridge for the week and reheat it every morning. In summer I drink it iced. I like my coffee sweet so I spend less than $2 per pitcher versus almost $5 per drink at Starbucks.

Peggy said...

I'll be darn! I wondered the same thing about the milk.But how smart are you?! That's a great idea.
My DH is addicted to iced cappacino,do you have any ideas for that?

Gayle said...

I'm not a cappuccino drinker but I find this recipe that you might want to experiment with. It's rated pretty high.

tr said...

I just stumbled upon your blog today. This is great! I realized that our grocery budget was way out of hand toward the end of last year and I was determined to slash it. I came up with our January Challenge and I am feeding my family of four on $150 per month or about $37 a week. I have learned so much! So grateful to find a blog like this with great tips!

StaceyN said...

I am always so inspired by your big-food-with-tiny-budget! I recently made a shopping decision that has really helped our budget and saved on my sanity. I let my Costco membership lapse!! Yep, that's right, and I have NO regrets. I always want to pull my hair out in big 'ol clumps by the time I find a parking space, fight my way to the door, dig in my landfill of a purse for my card to show to the nosey door person, fight my way to the back of the store just get toilet paper, try to avoid the temptation of buying expensive pre-packaged foods, drag my kids away from all the free samples, stand in line for 30 minutes with a wiggling toddler and whining baby, pay way too much, stand in line AGAIN just to have the nosey door person write on my receipt, and then fight my way back over the 1/2 mile to my car.

I'm saving the $60 per year on the membership and doing my big bulk shopping for dairy products and the like (we bulk shop once every 6 weeks) at Cash n Carry. There is nothing there to tempt me, and I can get everything I need and be back at my car in about 15 minutes! AND I bought some really great bacon ends and pieces for $1.35/pound... AND their cheeses, butter and dairy products were cheaper than Costco. Who knew? I feel like I have a new lease on life now when I go mega shopping. I wish I lived near a real town so I could shop weekly like you do, but when you live in the boonies, I guess you just have to make do!