Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GCC Shopping Round Up

I grabbed a quick trip to the grocery store Sunday night on our way home from dinner with my husbands family.  It was a beautiful day and we had a late Easter dinner complete with outdoor Easter egg hunt.  It's a pretty lucky thing to hunt your eggs outdoors in Washington without getting rained on.  I made the family wait in the car while I shopped because I knew if they came in I would end up spending more.  Here's what I got.


apples $1.88
corn tortillas $1.48
bulk brown rice $1.19
Deli Ham $3.98
fresh mushrooms $2.35
bulk pasta $1.16
teriyaki sauce $1.22
carrots $.98
bananas $1.57
TP $4.98
potatoes $1.98
2 gallons milk $4.98
chicken thighs $7.78
2 cans chicken meat $3.96
2 cartons broth $3.96
broccoli $3.98
sour cream $1.28
28 oz tomatoes $2.01
mozzarella $1.98
Swiss $2.28
cheddar $2.42
mustard $.91

Grand Total $ 58.31

Would you like to tell us about your shopping trip?  Please link directly to your post and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Jackie said...

What a blessing for good weather...outdoor egg hunts ARE a rarity in the Pacific Northwest!

Mrs. Rogers said...

Thanks for the linky -- your shopping trips are always an inspiration!