Monday, May 7, 2012

Menu Monday- Crock Pot Edition

We've got warm weather on the horizon this week.  Hallelujah!   I made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning and had to quickly get all the windows open because it was getting so warm in the house.  So for that reason I'm digging out the crock pots (yes I have 2) this week to get dinner on the table without heating up the house.  I found a great book that I'm getting all the recipes from.  You can find more info on it here.

All my recipes will be coming out of it and there are some good ones in there too.   So here's what's cooking this week.


Cinnamon Rolls, smoothies, or muffins and fruit


Oriental Beef and Broccoli
Chicken and Vegetables in Wine Sauce
Spicy Sausage & Beans
Pasta with Eggplant Sauce
Pork Chops with Orange Dijon Sauce
Chicken with Thyme and Garlic Sauce
Leftover Buffet


Roxie700 said...

I own 4 crockpots. Three different sizes. I use them year around here. I love to make supper in the early morning hours and walk into my kitchen at 5:30 to have our supper almost made. I just need to make a veggie and bread to have a full meal.

mdoe37 said...

I love a good cookbook and just snagged one for 50 cents (plus shipping)!!