Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GCC Shopping Trip

The last few weeks I've had a heck of a time getting my shopping trip posted.  But this week I got it done early in the week, remembered the picture before I put it all away, and I was so proud of myself.  Until I sat down today and looked for my receipt so I could post prices.  Sigh, I almost had it.  But at least I can show you what I got. 


2 gallons milk
2 boxes mac & cheese
Dishwasher detergent
mini chocolate chips
cupcake papers
6 lbs apples
brown sugar
rump roast
canned tomatoes
canned chipotle
coffee beans
2 cans of beans
2 packs of frozen ravioli
mozzarella and cheddar cheese

(I think I've decided I won't be doing the grocery link-up anymore.  I will still try and get the recipe swap link up on Friday's but I really didn't have a whole lot of people participating in the shopping link so I figured it was time to make a change.  You'll still see mine when I can pull it together, though.)

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