Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GCC Grocery Round Up

I did a mad dash at the grocery store this week and this is what I got.


5 loaves of bread $5


Garbage Bags $6.40
Dry onion soup mix $.86
2 ranch dressing mix $.76
2 tubs yogurt $3.96
bulk popcorn $2.38
bananas $1.10
2 gallons milk $4.98
peanut butter $8.89
cream cheese $1.38
2 salad kits $5.96
cream of mushroom soup $.59
pork tenderloin $11.43
grapes $4.57
fresh mushrooms $1.48
eggs $5.97
chicken breasts $5.98
raspberry jelly $3.58

Grand Total $ 75.27


Mrs. Rogers said...

Great job! I shared my weekly spending as well, at http://tinyurl.com/7bcpksq

Jenni said...

Hi Gayle!

I hope you had a good weekend! :)

I am always so amazed at how well you do at keeping your food costs down! I have saved so much money on food since starting to read your blog this past winter! So thank you for all of the advice on saving, I so much appreciate it! :)

Also, I linked to you from my blog because I have been making my own all purpose spray cleaner for quite a while now, but felt it was missing something. I noticed that you add Borax to yours, so now I do too! Our recipes differ so I still posted mine, but linked to you and yours, because the idea to add Borax was from you! Thank you for helping me figure out what was missing in the recipe! I think it makes a difference! :)

I hope you have a good night, and a lovely Monday!


Anonymous said...

Your site is a staple for us. So many good ideas and recipes!!!!! Thanks ever so much! I do not comment often but I sure come here. It is interesting too to see the difference in the pricing at your Winco and ours. I am just so thankful to Have a Winco!! It is not close but worth the trip off and on. ..for sure. Our prices are higher than yours. I live in S. Calif. I am just worried some day they will close! The parking lot is always pretty full so many people go there and I try to spread the word telling everyone I think interested to go there to get better prices and selection. But I also tell them it is huge and to put on their walking shoes! :-) Love it though. Thanks again!!! Sarah