Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grocery Trip

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I filled up the freezer this week.  Bought lots of protein and carbs and went a little over the weekly budget but well in range for my monthly total.  Here's what I got.


Mucho Bread $11


Hamburger Patties $7.98
flour tortillas $3.98
1 beer $1.69
onion soup mix $.86
green onions $.48
chili sauce $1.86
canola oil $2.38
olive oil $2.48
boneless chuck roast $17.14
shredded mexican cheese $1.69
shredded parmesan $2.07
celery $1.98
limes $1.00
turkey sausage $1.98
bananas $1.08
milk $2.49
tomatoes $2.88
baking powder $1.48
broccoli $3.98
cilantro $.48
5 dozen eggs $8.66
2 sweetened condensed milk $3.08
carrotts $.98
2 whole chickens $8.25 (1 for the freezer)
4 onions $1.40
english cucumber $.78
bulk oats $.77
apples $2.33
butter $2.64
shredded cheese $1.69
grapes $3.39
spaghetti $2.19

Grand Total $107.12


Naomi said...

Just curious - does this shopping trip count in your August budget even though the goods were bought in July?

Shannon (gidgetnfroggi) said...

finally a amount that is closer to my weekly total, (I actually shop for 2 weeks at a time but if you divide it this is pretty close):)

Frugally serving the King said...

You do a good job of feeding your family on a budget. I try to spend under $100 a month for a family of 7 and that is difficult. Your budget is inspiring.