Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GCC Shopping Trip

Scrimping till payday.  Here's what I got to supplement the ground beef and chicken in my fridge and rice, beans and pasta in my cupboards. 

And does anyone else think cooking with cream of "something" soup is gross?  I still do it occasionally but if feels like such a cheat.  (random thought inspired by recent recipe research)


Soy sauce $1.15
2 yogurts $3.96
6 cans tuna $3.00
4 loaves of bread $3.80
milk $2.49
2 mac and cheese $.96
18 eggs $2.04
broccoli $3.98
bananas $2.62
salad mix $2.48
clementines $3.98
tomatoes $1.61
grapes $3.55
cheddar $3.98
strawberries $3.88

Total $43.48


Roxie700 said...

No, personally I do not think using 'cream of XXXXX' soup is gross. I like to feed my family at home, good meals that they will eat and enjoy. I also work 60+ hours a week in my full time job. I also take care of my mother who is a stroke victim on weekends. So, any help I can get in the kitchen I will take and use.

mdoe37 said...

We call them cream of cr*p soups around here. I use them and probably abuse them too! I might try to make the dry mix again and use that. Less to buy and fewer cans to store. It will give me a base and then just add a bit of flavoring. I now have dehydrated mushrooms,etc on the shelf so I can flavor it better. But sometimes you just have to have that goopy soup to make the dish the right texture!!

momma-lana said...

I haven't used cream of bleh soup for nearly 20 years and I do not miss them. Besides the fact that they taste bad they are also expensive. I won't go into the nasty ingredient list.....

Anonymous said...

I only have a few recipe I seldom use that call for the cream of soups. I usually just change the recipe around and omit them even in those recipes. They cost too much and talk about salt ...whew!! When you add up all the ingredients in those recipes it costs a ton for most that I see! If it calls for a cream of soup...I don't make it. Unless I make my own cream of base. Thank you for all the great recipes you have provided for us and all the many many hints and helps!! Sarah

Anonymous said...

I just sub a white sauce plus the whatever ingredient, season it how I want it. I even have small amounts of sauted mushrooms and some asparagus in the freezer for when DH wants to have actual cream of something soup.