Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap

Have you ever been to the library and noticed those people on the computer who are laughing out loud, or rocking out,or talking to the computer in public? Well I am that person tonight. My Internet service is down for a few days (Lord have mercy!) and I'm sitting here at the library giggling at all your funny comments and friends blog posts and I just can't help myself.

And I'm totally going to flake out and not do a recipe this week. I'm just going to let you all takeover from here.

PLEASE remember to link directly to your post, not your homepage.

PLEASE remember to provide a link in the body of your post back to the Grocery Cart Challenge OR your link may be deleted.

Ok....have fun!


Anonymous said...

My library is so quiet! I have never seen that before... I don't even like taking the kids because they seem so loud in the library!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know exactly what your talking about; I've done it!

Gayle I read your post 25 things about me! I enjoyed it so I posted one myself.

I notice one of them is you'd like to see europe; you should and you will maybe after your youngest graduates.
Start saving it's a very expensive trip.
Tom and I have dual citizenship and family in Italy of course...and we plan to live there again when Tom retirers in about 5 years.
At the very least come have coffee with me in Italy via my blog

I just posted wrote a post about drinkig coffee in the cafe of Rome.

Shirley said...

I posted a recipe and have checked out a few listed....Yummy!

I see you have Mel Bartholomew's All New Square Foot Gardening in your recommendations. Awesome book.....I love the section on how to garden if you are handicapped. My husband built me raised gardens that are waist-high because of my back and knees being so bad.

Love your site and I'm subscribed.

Susan said...

Just posted my recipe and looking forward to seeing the others!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to "meet" you. I followed a link from another blog and the timing was perfect. My husband is going back to prosecuting for the state (he's an attorney) after being out on his own for several years, because he loves it and the work is steady and challenging and satisfying. However, it involves a pay cut, which gives ME a new job, too: cutting the budget. :)

I really want to do this well, I want to do it cheerfully and creatively so that he can feel freedom to go do what he loves. The grocery budget is the biggest monster in the house after the house payment, so... here we go.

I hate grocery shopping and my temptation is to get in, buy, and GET OUT as fast as possible. I'm learning that I can EITHER save money OR shop quickly. :) The grocery game online has helped, along with clipping coupons, but your blog is a great encouragement and hopefully I will be wise enough to benefit from it in future.

Thanks - I look forward to visiting often.

Jen from Georgia.

Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

Love your blog! I check it daily.
God bless,

nan said...

Always love all the recipe links! Thanks! Any cute and inexpensive ideas for Valentines day treats for my kids to take to school? Just wondering...I'm always looking for something new.