Monday, January 18, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I committed two fatal frugal errors this week while shopping. First I shopped with one of my kids in tow and second I shopped at one store only. I also have some problems with anemia occasionally so in order to get a bit more iron in my system this week I had to buy a few different items to naturally up my iron intake. (albacore tuna, spinach, dried apricots)

Here's how it looked....


2 gallons milk $3.96
4 albacore tuna $4.72
2 soy milk $2.56
tater tots $1.48
2 hamburger buns $1.86
3.25 lbs bananas $1.89
3 lbs tangerines $2.38
baby spinach $2.98
broccoli $1.10
tomatoes $1.70
green onions $.58
1.67 lbs dried bulk apricots (not picture) 5.11
Balsamic vinegar $2.98
Olive oil $4.89
3 avocados $2.04
2 cans spaghetti sauce $1.74
2 lbs cheddar $4.48
1 soda pop $.78
Honey $9.05 (not pictured)
Chicken patties $3.98

Grand Total $60.26

Would you like to share a super deal, your shopping trip or what it takes to feed your family for the week? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Facing the Empty Nest said...

Great job! I did not know about the albacor tuna and apricots to help with anemia!

Millie said...

You got a great price on the tuna! I miss shopping at Winco. I lived in OR for 20 years and Winco was my favorite. Sadly, no Winco's in Wyoming.

km said...

I only know this from experience, but spinach isn't the best for increasing iron. I lived 3 years as a vegetarian, and then had to realize that it wasn't great for MY body. I eat meat in small quantities. Check this out...

Chef Owings said...

when my mom, I and the girls had iron issues they told us to eat an egg yolk and drink Oj together and it would boast the iron.Also to eat red meat( I can't eat liver due to chorlesterol) at least once a week.

Mandy All said...

I had low iron during my recent pregnancy. Something that was really cheap and very effective for me was a tbsp or two of blackstrap molasses daily. I drank it as a "tea" : It tasted surprisingly good, and my hemoglobin level went from 10 to 12.5 in just 2 weeks. I used Brer Rabbit brand molasses, which only cost about $4 at Kroger.

Anonymous said...

Actually meat of any kind is the worst way to increase your Iron level from both a health stand point and a frugal stand point. Beans, dark leafy greens, and dried fruit will increase your iron while keeping your cholesterol and calories to a minimum. Also if you eat foods containing vitamin C along with foods containing iron your bodies absorption of iron is even greater.

But Nobody knows your body or health conditions like you do so regardless of random posters just do what you know is best for you! : )

Anonymous said...

You can also do your cooking in a cast iron pot or skillet and that will add iron to your diet. It works.

Anonymous said...

Cooking in a cast iron pan is a wonderful way to up your iron levels!

Sorry for the late linking up!