Monday, January 25, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

My schedule has changed a little bit and I'm still trying to figure out where to carve the time out for grocery shopping. In the meantime, I've had just enough time to hit one store for the last few weeks instead of my usual three discount stores and one chain. I'm finding that even just going to Win-co, I'm still able to find good prices. It really is all about buying foods in the most natural form possible (ie: the ingredients to cook with rather than the processed finished product).

This week I did manage to run to Fred Myers as well as Win-co. It was on my way home and they had whole chickens for $.69 per pound. I just couldn't pass that up.

1 gallon milk $1.98
1 can tomato paste $.50
1 yogurt $1.78
whipping cream $2.98
2 lb cheddar $4.48
unsalted butter $2.18
graham cracker pie crust $1.12
4 cans tuna $4.72
7 apples $4.31
fresh mushrooms $1.98
grapes $3.03
3 lbs clementines $3.98
2 lbs carrots $.98
parsley $.58
5.13lb whole chicken $4.05
4.29 lbs of stew meat $8.49
2 pkgs bacon $5.00
fish sticks $2.98

Grand Total $56.10

I haven't had to buy any non-food items for a bit but I can tell it's going to hit me all at once next week. I hate it when that happens.

Do you have a bargain you'd like to share or a picture of what it takes to feed your family for the week or maybe a savings success story? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.

I have a handful of giveaways I'm working on too so check back soon to enter.


Papel Scissors said...

I am glad to see you we're able to get milk for under $2. I paid $2.29a gallon.

Cate said...

I hate that, too! In the beginning of the month I was getting by on $50-60 for groceries every week...and the past couple weeks I've had to buy toiletry after toiletry. Pain in my butt!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much cheaper the food is in Washington vs. Connecticut. A gallon of milk, 1.98, that is lower than any sale price in Connecticut. The 1.78 yogurt is low too, my walmart sells it for 2.38 and walmart is the lowest for dairy. You are lucky.

Millie said...

That was a great price on the chicken. Tuna sure is expensive lately. I thought it was just in my area but I notice on your list that it is high there too. I 100% agree that buying in the most natural form possible helps tremendously with keeping costs down.

chefjulsowings said...

I buy my paper products at the dollar store once every 2 mos.I have went back to using rags to clean the house instead of paper towels.I have a small rag basket so they get washed with rugs etc

I haven't had a regular shopping day since the kids left home..sigh

Christa said...

Hi, posted your button on my blog. I hope my friends check it out too, great information!