Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is There Anything That We Can't Make From Scratch?

I’m almost out of fabric softener sheets and it’s nearly grocery time, but the thought of spending food money on laundry just isn’t making me real happy. I’d rather have fresh veggies than dryer sheets. So in my quest for thriftiness I came across this recipe for fabric softener.

Homemade Dryer Sheets

2 cups of water

1 cups of vinegar
2/3 cups of any hair conditioner

Mix in spray bottle and stir. Don’t shake, this will cause foaming. Spray on a cloth rag until slightly damp and throw into the dryer with your load of clothes. This can also be used as a liquid fabric softener in the rinse cycle.

It cost me $1.38 to make the mixture from ingredients I already had on hand and as we speak, the first load is in the dryer. It smells good (like the conditioner) and there is nary a spark of static in sight.

Let me know if you try it and what you think!


Breakfast – Pancakes (when I made these for breakfast earlier in the week I made a large batch and then put some in the freezer)

Lunch – Scrambled eggs and toast

Dinner – Chicken and Bean stew from a double batch a few weeks ago that I stuck in the freezer and the last loaf of peasant bread from yesterdays dinner.


duckygirl said...

If you wanted to use this as a liquid fabric softener would you just dump in a small amount during the rinse or how would you add it?? I'm going to try this when my dryer sheets run out!!


Gayle said...

The recipe said to use a 1/2 cup in the rinse cycle. Here's the link that I got it from. There are lots of great fabric softener tips there.

EEEEMommy said...

I should have googled before I bought my box of dryer sheets!!! Lesson learned: always Google first!
I love this idea, especially because I'm extremely sensitive to the smells of most dryer sheets, but not as much so to hair conditioner. It would be nice to not get a headache and sneeze all the time while folding laundry (and even wearing it!).
Please be sure to let us know if the clothes are soft.

MaryLu said...

That is so cool!!
I'm trying this soon.
Just a tip I learned, I take my big sturdy kitchen shears and cut my FSS in half, then I stuff them back in the same box. I only use half of the amount, clothes still not static-y and smelling fresh.

Terri said...

Awsome stuff...I tried it today and it does leave your clothing nice and soft!


trucksr4gurls said...

making this this evening and gonna try it in my d***y ball. i too am sensitive to commercial fabric softeners. this way too i can try different conditioners and see what smellum i like best lol

trucksr4gurls said...

woohoo! i made this the other night with some conditioner that dh bought and i didn't like. i forgot and shook it but it works great! and my laundry smells faintly of melon!