Monday, March 10, 2008

Counting Calories AND Pennies

I’ve been stress eating for a few months now and managed to pack on 5 extra pounds onto the 10 lbs I already needed to lose. I joined a local healthy weight loss program a about four years back and lost 30 lbs while doing it so I’ve learned how to take the weight off in a positive way through portion control and a balanced and nutritious calorie count. But now I find that I not only need to do it in a healthy way, but in a frugal way too.

It’s so easy to just buy the pre-packaged diet foods; the bars and shakes and fat free this-and-that but they jack up the prices so much that you have to hock something just to lose the weight.

But there is no reason for all the expense. There is a healthy and cheap way to eat low calorie foods without breaking the budget. So I thought I’d throw a few ideas out there for you to get your wheels turning if you find yourself packing around a few extra pounds, just like me, and want to stay on budget while taking it off.

Assuming that you are buying in season produce and using your thrifty shopping skills, all of these ideas are low calorie and low priced…

2 eggs scrambled (use Pam, not butter or oil) with ½ cup veggies thrown in = 200 calories. Add a piece of wheat toast for 100 more calories.

4 oz of water packed tuna (drained) and mixed with 2 TBS of fat free mayo is about 200 calories. Add 1 cup of your favorite raw veggie for only 20 calories more.

Oatmeal (1/4 cup quick oats cooked in water with 1Tbs milk and 1 Tbs brown sugar = 180 calories add ½ oz of raisins or a small chopped apple (yep, you can have the whole apple) and it only tags on 40 more calories.

Water = 0 calories and Free

A small orange/peach/pear/apple, ½ cup berries or pineapple, 1 cup melon chunks all equal 40 calories

For a sweet tooth…

Homemade Angel Food Cake only 124 calories per slice.

Fruit Smoothie (1 fresh banana, 1 cup low fat milk (or soymilk), optional chocolate sauce, 3 ice cubes. Blend in blender. To make thicker add a few more ice cubes.

Meal ideas…

Senate Bean Soup 107 calories per serving

Turkey Wraps (you won’t even miss the bread these are so good!) 14 CALORIES!

SO these are just some idea to get your wheels turning.

You don’t have to starve yourself to diet. Just eat the right low calorie foods and you can still eat big meals.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to diet. You can make quick, low calorie, frugal foods at home.

I’d love to hear your thrifty diet ideas too!


EEEEMommy said...

You have no idea how much I hate counting calories. But I appreciate these ideas; I'll just use them and forget about the calorie part. ;)

Emily said...

I'm going to check into the angel food cake thing. That's a great idea~

mykidsmom said...

I'm dieting along these same rules right now. Your food suggestions are great. A few others I use: Veggies w/ hidden valley ranch DIP mix (can be made at home w/spices and ff sour cream) and baked apples w/ nutmeg and cinnamon.

And I couldn't diet without my angel food cake!

Monica said...

In my ideal world I would eat about 300 calories 4 times a day.

My favorites:
Yogurt with a little bit of granola (granola lasts a long time when I don't eat a whole bowl:)


black beans/stewed tomato chili for lunch

homemade salsa and celery

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

One of my favorite breakfasts is a baked sweet potato (150 cal) with a little Smart Balance (80 cal) and cinnamon. It's hot and creamy like a cereal, but it's all complex carb and loaded with vitamins! Yum!

duckygirl said...

I've heard of people making their own angel food cake too...seems intimidating to me, have you tried??


Leanne said...

I want everyone out there who reads this blog to know that those Buttery Rolls were absolutely heavenly, according to my big family!!!! They each ate like four of them!!! My husband was sooo happy, as fresh, warm rolls with a gob of butter and honey are one of his favorite things!!

how's that for calorie counting?? We are on the Fatkins diet here....

My family has the annoying habit of eating lots and not gaining any weight.....yep.

Just thought you all would want to know that!!


Kristy said...

I love all these ides! I found your blog somehow ( I can't even remember from where) and have been reading for a while and love it. I have been trying to put together a healthy/frugal menu for my family. Thanks for these ideas, I am going to use them this week! I am trying to get rid of some remaining baby weight...uggh! :)

Thanks again!

Amy L said...

Oh girl! Sorry to keep replying in your old entries but I cant help myself!!!
Please bring on more ideas for low cost dieting thats still like real food!
I too in the past did the buying all specialty foods while losing weight. I just cant afford that right now.
And this is a GREAT blog! You go girl!!!!!!