Tuesday, October 19, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It: Old Puzzle Pieces

I miss doing the Reuse It posts so I thought I'd put my old creative skills to the test and try it again. This thought coincides with the fact that I just shoveled out my youngest sons bedroom. Have you ever seen the TV show Hoarders? It looked just like that. We could barely walk in it to get to the bed. He hated going in there. It was overwhelming because my natural frugal self wanted to sort all the pieces into sets and then sell them. I finally got desperate enough that I sorted a few favorite toys and toy sets out of the mess and then did the unthinkable. I got a shovel and a box and scooped it all up for Goodwill. When he came back home he was thrilled to see a clean bedroom and didn't even realize anything was missing. But all those puzzle pieces I found on the floor gave me some ideas. So here are 10 ways to reuse old puzzle pieces.

  1. Glue around the edge of a picture frame and put the kids school pictures in them or glue around a mirror frame for fun decor.,
  2. Christmas is around the corner. Paste several of them together on heavy duty card stock and then spray with polyurethane (waterproofing) to make original coasters as gifts.
  3. Use them as embellishments in scrapbooks.
  4. Make Christmas ornaments. Paint some pieces red and some white. Alternate colors while gluing onto a piece of card stock in the shape of a candy cane or a wreath. Paint green and make in the shape of a Christmas Tree. Cut out and tie a string around the top for hanging.
  5. Do the same thing as above but glue magnets on the back and put on the refrigerator.
  6. Compost them!
  7. Make a puzzle piece friendship necklace. These are so cute!
  8. Paint them and string together for a garland. I think metallic silver or gold would like great on a tree or hearth.
  9. Make THESE cute glass bead earrings.
  10. Save the brightly colored pieces and display them in a clear glass jar. A great conversation piece.
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Jennifer said...

Gayle you are so creative! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas with us :-)

momma-lana said...

LOL! I FILLED the trunk of my car with puzzles last year and took them to Salvation Army! Five kids worth and they are all gome from home now, time for that closet full of puzzles to go!

Candi said...

Great ideas!!!

Life Goes On said...

I think the scrap book and making magnets is a fun idea for puzzle pieces.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Great ideas! I have a bunch of puzzles I was going to toss!