Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GCC Shopping Round-Up

We were snowed in today here in the Pacific Northwest which is rare this early in the year. We spent the day sledding, warming up by the fire, and sipping cocoa and eating homemade pretzels. Luckily I got to the grocery store early on Monday before the snow was too heavy. I slid my way home up all the hills and unloaded my loot. Here's what we got this week....and just in time.


Whipping Cream $3.58
fresh green beans $1.85
2 sweet onions $1.08
3 gallons milk $5.91
5 dozen eggs $7.98
2 cans olives $1.90
sage $2.78
thyme $1.78
sour cream $1.18
2 packs of bacon $3.96
2 boxes butter $4.96
15 lbs potatoes $2.28
apples $2.04
parsley $.48
powdered sugar $1.36
sausage $1.98
garlic $.98
conditioner $3.67
2 soymilk $2.56
sour cream and chive cream cheese $1.97
peppermint mocha creamer $2.98
bananas $2.05
22.61 lb turkey $5.43

Grand Total $66.72

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FRAN said...

Love your posts. You are definitely a black belt in savings. I am always amazed at your milk prices. Here in PA milk prices are regulated by PA dept of agriculture. No super cheap prices here.

And you are the only other person I know who knows what milk pie is (amish cream sugar pie). Paste only sweeter!

Halfmoon Girl said...

So, what kind of turkey is it for under 6.00, and how do you get it for so cheap??! I have NEVER seen such a great price or anything close to it on this side of the border!

Gayle said...

It was a special they had. If you spent $50 you got the turkey for 24 cents a pound. Otherwise it was somewhere between 69 cents and 98 cents per pound.