Monday, January 3, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I ran to the grocery store late tonight to gather this weeks groceries. We ended up eating lots of scrambled eggs and leftover ham last week for breakfast so we went through 5 dozen eggs fast. It usually takes about 14 eggs to feed us all a meal like that. Plus my daughter went on a cookie binge and made cookies nearly every night. So this week we needed another batch of eggs. Here's what I got.


Paper napkins $1.98
2 lb cheddar $4.49
flour tortillas $3.72
cranberry sauce $1.08
salsa $1.74
chicken broth $2.28
milk $1.98
3 veggie broth $1.74
canned baby corn $.85
Italian bread $1.48
fresh basil $.98
cabbage $.76
green onions $.68
brown sugar $1.36
broccoli $2.65
spaghetti $1.84
syrup $1.78
2 lbs carrots $.88
bag baby lettuce $1.98
bag baby spinach $2.18
2 onions $1.00
roma tomatoes $1.32
apples $2.74
bulk oats $.41
tomato paste $.40
bananas $2.35
Caesar dressing $1.78
mozzarella $1.68
turkey bacon $1.98
5 dozen eggs $7.79

Grand Total $57.88

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Budget Confidential said...

You have a few good finds in there! I will need to make a trip to the store sometime soon. Right now I am just in the planning stages since I want to stay within my $50 MONTHLY budget for the next three months. Luckily, I have a nice stockpile, too.

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

how often is this linky available. I will shop this weekend and be able to do my list this coming week or so. I would love to share at