Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I have to tell you, having a teenage driver is kind of like having a chauffeur. He's just a few months away from completing Drivers Ed and turning 16 so he's insistent that whenever I leave the house he must drive me so he can get more experience. He drove me to the store yesterday, waited in the car, loaded up all my bags and drove me to the next destination. Other than the fact that it make me feel OLD, it's a good thing.

Here's what we got.


2 gallons milk $4.72
vegetable oil $2.44
sugar $ 1.89
margarine sticks $.77
2 BBQ sauce $1.96
margarine tub $.89
bulk seashell pasta $1.03
frozen hash browns $2.55
Parmesan $ 1.86
2 lbs cheddar $4.49
whipping cream $1.88
3lbs clementines $3.78
diced tomatoes $.58
spinach $.98
spaghetti sauce $.98
bananas $1.34
onion $.37
garlic $.88
tomatoes $2.09
pepperoni $1.88
sausage $2.98
Swiss $2.51
mozzarella $6.55
4 strawberries $7.92
Grand Total $57.32

Would you like to show-and-tell your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.

1 comment:

Pounds 4 Pennies said...

Great job this week. I seem to keep going over. I keep trying to get all the deals and end up spending too much. I am starting to cut back this week. We will see how I do. Thanks.