Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap

I admit, I hardly ever clean my oven. Usually the day that the smoke alarm goes off because of the gunk on the bottom that's burning up, is the day it gets cleaned. But it's a yukky job and usually requires some super-toxic smelling chemical that I wonder about using in a place where I stick my food. Just seems kind of stupid, doesn't it? But I came across a simple method of getting it clean with out the aerosol can full of un-namable ingredients and it works great!

Homemade Oven Cleaner

  1. Use a spray bottle full of water to thoroughly wet down the floor of your oven.
  2. Sprinkle enough baking soda (at least a cup) over the gunk. It should cover the whole bottom of the oven in a white layer.
  3. Let set overnight
  4. In the morning, wipe up the grease and goo.
  5. When you've removed most of it, dab your sponge with some dishwashing liquid and wipe up the rest.
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Melodie said...

The recipe I'm including is inexpensive if you already have a nice cupboard full of spices! Thanks for the linky!

April@The 21st Century Housewife said...

That is wonderful - I hate traditional oven cleaners! Thanks for sharing this!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

Wow, is it really that easy to clean the oven? I will have to try this!

Bethany said...

Wow - that sounds so easy! I really needed this today - my oven has been in desperate need of being cleaned! I'm going to try this tonight! Thanks!

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Baking soda is my all time favorite household cleaning product. After a box sits in my fridge for 30 days fighting refrigerator odors, I move the box under my sink for a gazillions uses. It's great for removing baked on stuff from pots and pans, ceramic dishes, coffee and tea stains from mugs, scour the sink, remove sticker residue from glasses, pour down drain with a bit of vinegar to keep the drains clean, freshens the garbage disposal, etc, etc, etc.

I keep a new box in my bathroom too - it's a wonderful "between visits" addition to your toothpaste, mix with a little liquid soap for a body scrub (face scrub too), I mix a handful with shampoo to get rid of hairspray build up, and it's wonderful for scouring the sink, shower, and tub!

Can you tell I love the stuff??


Cindy in Ferndale said...

Thank you for the recipe for the oven cleaner. My joke was I would just move when I need to clean my oven. I am soooo sensitive to smells it was just something I couldn't do. I am going to try this, and as you might expect IT NEEDS IT ! :o)

Texas Mom said...

That is one cute oven!

I'd love to read a post about how you are homeschooling and going to college--please, tell me how it's done!! :)

Anonymous said...

Is that your stove??! I hope so !! That is beautiful!! Thanks for the recipe! Time I clean mine too! Sarah